What Can A 20 Ton Hydraulic Press Do?

What Can A 20 Ton Hydraulic Press Do?

There are all sorts of hydraulic press machines in the market, and you need to get one that suits your needs. One of the most popular varieties in the market is the 20 ton hydraulic press.

There is a lot that you can do with a 20 ton hydraulic press, and that’s what we have for you in this blog. If you are planning to any of the below press works, these machines would be the most ideal for you. You can look at more info about hydraulic presses on this website.

Separating Parts

One of the things you can do with a 20 ton hydraulic press is separating parts. You just need to apply the required amount of force to separate the various parts. In other, you can use 20 ton hydraulic press to separate parts that have been fused together by corrosion. This includes rust nuts from bolts, wheel hubs and anything stuck together.

Straightening Bent Metals

If you have hard metal parts that have been damaged by bending, you can use a 20 ton hydraulic press to straighten them. This is a technique that is being used in most workshops for all industries that use metals. You use these machines on a bent steering linkage, shaft or even control arm, among other components. You just need to understand the amount go force that you need to exert on the warped parts of the metal to straighten it.

Compressing Oil filter

The other common appliance of the 20 ton hydraulic press is the pressing of the oil filters. If you have big machinery running in the factory and need oiling, you can use the right amount of force to ensure thorough lubrication. These machines can be used for all kinds of oil filter compression, especially for those in the industrial field.

Joining Parts

If you in the production or the packaging of the metallic parts, you can use a 20 ton hydraulic press for the joining purposes. By applying the right pressure, you can pin rivets or produce plasticity that can form powerful joints between metals. This is one of the areas that these machines are widely used for.