How King Kong Tools Achieve Ultra-Durable Features

How King Kong Tools Achieve Ultra-Durable Features

The mention of King Kong in the industrial machine parts signifies a giant manufacturer. The company is one of the most established aftermarket wear parts producers the global market today. One thing that King Kong tools are best known for is their durability. Although they are aftermarket wear parts, they have been found to have very long lifespan even than some of the original manufacturers.

So how do King Kong tools managed to achieve their ultra-durability features? Well, there are a few things that can explain why. Here are just a few factors that are contributing to wear parts durability.

Highest Grade Materials

One of the major factors that determine the quality of machine wear parts is the grade of material used. That is what the company has been consistent with. The quality of materials used for the construction of the King Kong tools is one of the best in the market. The company has been investing in the best quality materials depending on the needs of their client’s. For instance, their mulcher and auger teeth are made from the highest grade of alloy steel and tungsten carbide. These are two extremely power metals that offer incredible properties such as high resistance to wear and abrasion. Tungsten carbide also offers high resistance to impact. That is one of the reasons for their ultra-durability features.

Advanced Production Technologies

Another thing that has contributed to the high durability features of King Kong tools is technology. The company has invested in various techniques that help to enhance the durability of their products. One of the techniques used if tungsten carbide hardening or hard facing. This is a technique that is used to harden the typical teeth to improve its performance and longevity. The tungsten coating helps to improve the hardness of the teeth. Other techniques used include hot and cold forging. These techniques help to improve the tools’ durability.

Strong Joints

For the cutter tools, the major problem is breaking joints. It is a common problem with the low-quality tools, especially from some aftermarket manufacturers. But King Kong tools have a strong joint made of the brazing tungsten carbide technology. The technique forms a very strong joint that can withstand tough conditions. That is why these tools can last for long without breaking. In addition, the company is using the highest grate of brazing alloy to make these joints.  It is one of the factors that is making King Kong tools last a longer time compared to most of the available options.

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