5 Major Applications Of Cold Forging Gears

The use of cold forging gears has increased in the last few decades. This is more and more machines that require gears get invented, and this has greatly impacted the production of these parts. There are so many areas where these parts can be used. So, if you are planning to start a cold forging gears factory, the market is huge out here.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the areas where you can get market for these products. Here are just some of the major applications of cold forging gears:

Bikes and Motorcycles

One of the areas where you can sell cold forging gears in large volumes is in the bikes and motorbike industry. There are so many people that are biking today, and almost every home has a bicycle. Whether for fun or for use in daily errands, the use of bicycles varies from one person to the other. For motorcycles, they use multiple gears, and the market is huge. So, you can be guaranteed a huge market if you work with bikes and motorcycle manufacturers. Just look around for the manufacturers for orders.

Motor Car Industry

You probably have a car yourself. If you look at the engine or the general mechanical operation of the car, you will notice a huge application of cold forging gears. The engine itself uses multiple gears. In fact, the motor vehicle industry is one of the biggest consumers of cold forging gears. You just need to visit some of the manufacturers and ask for an order to supply the various sizes of cold forging gears they use. Because of the huge application of the cold forging gears in this industry, you cannot fail to find a market if you are producing good quality.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is another big consumer of the cold forging gears. This is one of the fastest expanding industries, and the number of products being produced is increasing by the day. From drones to choppers, you have a huge range of machines that uses gears. If you look at the airplane, the number of gears used is huge, and this is what makes the market for gear big in this industry.

Marine Industry

From the small boasts to the huge cargo ships, all these marine vessels uses a lot of gears to operate. It is another big industry where the application of cold forging gears is growing fast. If you are producing good quality, there are so many marine vessel-making companies willing to order from your factory.

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