Major Safety Rules Of Hydraulic Press Machinery

The biggest mistake you can make is trying to use hydraulic press machinery without understanding safety rules. But this is something that’s so common in the industry, and it’s the cause of most accidents. The importance of understanding the safety rules of hydraulic press machinery is to keep you and that machine safe.

In this safety guide, we have put together some of the main rules that every hydraulic press machinery should have at their fingertips. Here are 4 main safety rules to watch out:

Understand How The Machine Works

The first and the most important safety rule for hydraulic press machinery is understanding how the machine works. This is a very important rule. If you have no idea of the machine structure performance and the operating procedures, then you will be putting yourself in danger. Understanding the operation principles enables to fix some of the minor issues and also avoid accidents. So, don’t use a hydraulic press machine if you don’t understand how it works.

Don’t Adjust During Operation

This is a common thing with the machine operators, and it’s a risky one. You should never overhaul or adjust hydraulic press machinery during operation. These machines are not only powerful, but they are also delicate. A slight mistake can cause a lot of damages to the machine. Imagine adjusting pressure when the machine is operating? If you want to make any adjustments, make sure that the machine is first stopped.

Fix Faults Immediately

If you notice a fault such as a leak or an abnormality, stop the machine and fix it. There is a common thing with operators of waiting till when the problem has grown big. The problem with this kind of approach is that you expose yourself to a lot of dangers. You also expose the machine to more damages, which will be expensive to fix. The rule is to fix any faults that you identify immediately.

Do Not Overload

In trying to make more out of their machines, most people are tempted to overloading the machine. One example is trying to work in tougher metals in the case of forging manufacturers. Overload brings a lot of problems. First, it damages the machine due to exposing it to conditions it’s not designed for. Second, overload increases the rate of wear and tear. It is recommended for hydraulic press machinery users to avoid exceeding the maximum stroke. This guideline is provided by the manufacturer.

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