6 Benefits Of Using WearSharp Greenteeth 700

6 Benefits Of Using WearSharp Greenteeth 700

The greenteeth 700 series is one of the most sought-after green teeth is in the market today. This series of teeth are designed for stump grinders with horsepower that ranges from 18-35. These are the most common machines for commercial uses, and that is why these teeth are popular.

But you need to ensure that you have the right 700 series for the kind of tasks you want to accomplish with your stump grinder. The Wearsharp greenteeth 700 are increasingly growing popular.

Wearsharp is the new technology for the green teeth that enable these teeth to wear out while still retaining a sharp cutter head for optimum performance. This means there will be less sharpening of the greenteeth teeth.

There are many benefits that come with using Wearsharp greenteeth 700, and in this article, we are going to look at the 6 of them. Check out the following:

Good Quality

The quality of the Wearsharp greenteeth 700 is one of the best that you can find in the market. The new technology has enhanced the quality of green teeth, and this is something that users like. It could be a little expensive, but the quality is worth it.

Maintains High Sharpness

The carbide concave cutting edge can maintain the sharpness for a very long time. As mentioned above, these teeth wear out without blunting and thus retain the sharpness for a long time, unlike the traditional green teeth.

High Cutting Performance

With the Wearsharp greenteeth 700, you can expect your cutter tools to retain a very high cutting performance and for a long. This is because they do not blunt even with the wear of the cutting head. That’s how high cutting performance is maintained.

High Productivity

With the high cutting performance of the Wearsharp greenteeth 700 comes productivity. It means you can handle more work in an hour than when dealing with typical green teeth. This means more money for you.

Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of the Wearsharp greenteeth 700 is lower than the typical green teeth. The biggest maintenance cost goes to the sharpening of the stump grinder teeth, and since you will not need regular sharpening, this cost is reduced.

Longer Lifespan

The Wearsharp greenteeth 700 are constructed from high quality and high-grade materials. Steel and carbide are the materials used. With the highest grade of both materials, you can expect these teeth to last for a long time.

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